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sprayExcessive underarm sweating is a really stressful and embarrassing problem that can lead to skin chafing, odour and conspicuous staining of clothes.

ODABAN® Spray is gentle and effective, offering 24-hour protection for most areas of the body. Unlike other roll on and felt tip dispensers, ODABAN®'s unique, hermetically sealed pump spray prevents product degradation and provides an exact dose, thus avoiding over application. The provision of too big a dose is, in fact, one of the main reasons other strong antiperspirants are found to be less effective and more irritating to the skin. Whether making an important business presentation or holding hands on a date, no matter the ambient temperature, ODABAN® will bring you freedom to concentrate, and of course, a new found confidence.

ODABAN® Spray has long been recommended worldwide by dermatologists, pharmacists, podiatrists and doctors. The convenient and unique pump spray is 100% free from perfumes and allergy inducing ingredients.

ODABAN® contains a tried and tested formulation of 20% aluminium chloride in a silicone and pure alcohol base. The product is subject to stringent quality and production controls that guarantee patient satisfaction. ODABAN® is suitable for all skin types and with its unique formulation and packaging has long been acknowledged as less irritating than other products.

ODABAN® is an easy to use pump spray. Apply only at bedtime as directed. Remember less is more, use sparingly and within a few days most individuals will find their problems are under control. ODABAN® is effective over all areas of the body.

How Does Odaban Work

How does ODABAN® Spray work?

Radio-isotope tests have shown that the active ingredients of ODABAN® do not stop the sweat glands from working. The drying effect of ODABAN® is produced by a narrowing of the sweat ducts by poral "plugs," formed from a combination of aluminium and skin proteins.

It is the narrowing of the sweat ducts by these poral "plugs" that causes a re-routing of the perspiration to the blood capillaries where it is transported to areas of the skin from which evaporation can take place more easily or to the kidneys for excretion. The net result is to leave the treated skin area dry without compensatory sweating elsewhere on the body.

The insolubility of the aluminium / protein complex formed is such that there is absolutely no absorption of aluminium through the skin into the blood stream. ODABAN® is therefore completely safe to use on a long-term basis and even during pregnancy.

Applying ODABAN®

ODABAN® Spray application

The treatment with ODABAN® Spray is simple and in most cases very effective. The product must only be applied at bedtime, when relaxed. It is very important the skin to be treated is perfectly dry, as ODABAN® will react with moisture to cause skin irritation. Use a hairdryer or a little talcum powder to dry the skin prior to application and afterwards in the event of over application.

ODABAN® Spray must be applied sparingly; one or two sprays are sufficient. Women and those with sensitive skins should always apply ODABAN® Spray indirectly with a cotton wool pad. When applying underarms apply only to the central armpit area (3 to 4cms diameter) where most of the sweat glands are located. The treated skin must be washed the following morning; other products are unnecessary but can then be applied without interaction.

Men's skin is generally thicker than women's and the presence of underarm hair will also help protect their skin from over application with ODABAN® Spray. One or two sprays can therefore be applied (from about 10cms) directly to the central armpit area. Any excess application can be absorbed with a tissue.

Most users of ODABAN® Spray will find their wetness problems are controlled within a few applications, however, it may be necessary to continue with nightly applications until the problems are resolved. Remember less is more, apply ODABAN® Spray sparingly for the best results. Should too much product be applied the poral plugs will completely block the sweat ducts, which will result in an eventual bursting of the poral plug barrier and a return to the original excessive wetness. In this case it is necessary to rest the skin a few days and then restart treatment but remembering to apply ODABAN® Spray more sparingly.

It is important to apply ODABAN® Spray only to areas of excessive wetness, do not apply to large skin areas and do not apply to mucous membranes or broken skin. ODABAN® Spray is safe to use all over the body but take care to use a cotton wool pad, especially around the area of the head. The scalp can be treated by carefully parting the hair and dabbing sparingly with a cotton bud. Perspiration rashes caused by chafing and obesity can also be treated, but again, use ODABAN® sparingly with a cotton wool pad and do not apply to cracked skin.

Frequency of treatment with ODABAN® will often vary with each individual, just take your time and gradually reduce the amount and rate of application to keep you problem free.

ODABAN® Spray is also useful to individuals not suffering with excessive sweating problems. Sports people will be amazed to find just how effective this product is in protecting against foot blisters and improving the grip of all kinds of sports equipment. And for those individuals simply looking to use an antiperspirant just once a week or so, ODABAN® Spray is the answer.



After more than 35 years of solving Hyperhidrosis problems we really do understand the difficulties of living with excessive sweating. Once you have read through the information offered here and in the, please feel free to write or email with any special question or suggestion, your query may help others.

As many as one in four people has a perspiration problem, this is invariably a source of physical and social distress often unrecognised by the medical profession.

Yes. The answers below will suggest ways in which you CAN make a dramatic difference to your condition, everyone is different however, so you will need to find the right technique to suit you. Experiment to find out which treatments are best and do confer with fellow HH sufferers, use the Internet discussion groups, you'll find them really helpful (see links section). You will also find the new information website at will provide a useful overview and comparison of the treatments currently available for Hyperhidrosis.

Deodorants simply help to kill the skin bacteria responsible for causing unpleasant odours or mask the smell, whilst antiperspirants are used just to keep the skin dry.

Thousands of people worldwide have found Odaban to be a product that really does solve perspiration problems. For more than 25 years the medical profession has endorsed this general view with many dermatologists now recommending the use of Odaban in preference to surgical procedures.

Controlling perspiration in the "hot spots" is not dangerous as there are lots of other skin areas for sweating to take place in order to cool the body. The perspiration that can't get out is simply re-routed through the blood stream to other sweat ducts or excreted through the kidneys.

Many independent trials and reviews have been conducted on Odaban by hospital consultants, chiropodists (podiatrists), pharmacists, medical journals, national newspapers and sporting magazines (see Testimonial Web-page) - All the findings endorse Odaban as an efficient and cost effective solution for perspiration and odour problems.

Odaban's active ingredient is 20% w/v aluminium chloride hexahydrate dissolved in pure ethyl alcohol containing a protective silicone.

Water - be it perspiration from the skin or humidity in the air - causes all aluminium chloride preparations to break down to form an acidic by-product, it is this acidity which produces the problem of irritancy. All the available aluminium chloride products except Odaban are dispensed from roll-ons or dab on containers which allow the ingress of water. The unique Odaban pump spray hermetically seals the contents preventing any contact with water, the silicone content of Odaban also protects the skin and helps increase the wetting effect of the formulation thus enabling less product to be used per application. Odaban is therefore more comfortable, safer and effective than other similar products.

No. Odaban is in fact accepted by the United Kingdom's National Health Service for prescribing by doctors.

Even those people with sensitive skins who are allergic to other antiperspirants can apply Odaban.

Yes. Odaban only acts on the surface of the skin, there is absolutely no absorbtion into the blood stream, thus no harm will come to the baby during pregnancy or afterwards if breast-feeding.

The high astringency of the Odaban formulation prevents any aluminium from being absorbed through the skin, therefore there are absolutely no side effects from any of the product entering the body.

Various magazines and newspapers have reported that antiperspirants in blocking the sweat ducts prevent the excretion of toxins and also prevent the lymph nodes from working properly, thus increasing the risk of breast cancer. All professional medical opinion worldwide refute these claims as completely untrue. The liver, the kidney and the lymph nodes via the blood stream are the main detoxifying and excretion routes for the body, the sweat ducts play a very minor role. The blockages of the lymph nodes referred to in these articles are in fact large quantities of white blood cells which have performed their physiological duty and digested toxins and bacteria which have invaded the body and then subsequently died as is normal when their "work" is done. These dead white cells are eventually safely transported from the lymph nodes for excetion via the blood stream. Antiperspirants do not interfere with the body's detoxifying or excretory processes and in no way are they responsible for causing any form of cancer.


See section: "Safety of antiperspirants"

This depends on many factors and everyone is different. Usually between one to four applications and you should notice a huge difference in your personal freshness. It may be necessary, however, to continue nightly applications for upto a month before full protection is experienced.

That depends on how severe your problem is. Most people find that once their rate of perspiration is under control they will only need to use Odaban once or twice a week.

Most users find one bottle of Odaban lasts between six to twelve months.

Yes. Use just one spray for each skin area to be treated and apply with cotton wool (make-up remover pads are convenient) sparingly. In this way treatments of the face and other sensitive skin areas such as the groin and under breasts are easily managed. Use talc to absorb any excess product after application.

Apply just one spray with a cotton wool makeup remover pad, treat only the inner hollow of the armpit as this is where the majority of the sweat ducts are found. Men are normally able to spray directly into the arm pit the hair acting as a dispersing barrier which helps prevents over application. Some people have found a hair dryer is useful in preparing the skin before application and removing excess product after treatment, others use talc.

Odaban's protection is long lasting and will not wash off even during swimming.

Yes. When applying through the hair to the scalp, spray onto a cotton pad, part the hair and dab gently. Odaban will not cause any discolouration or loss of hair. Keep your eyes closed and use sparingly during treatment.

Unfortunately the change in your hormones can trigger an over stimulation of your sweat glands. This problem occurs with lots of people and is nothing to worry about as the situation can be controlled with Odaban.

The active ingredients of Odaban are dissolved in pure alcohol that evaporates in seconds leaving no trace of an odour.

Used as directed Odaban will not stain clothes, however, it is important to remember to wash the treated areas the morning after bedtime application.

Unpleasant odours are produced by the naturally occurring skin bacteria breaking down waxy secretions mainly from the Apocrine glands found under the arms, nipple and genital areas (these areas cause little problem). Treatment is two-fold,keeping the skin dry by using Odaban regularly to create an unfavourably DRY habitat, which prevents the bacteria multiplying rapidly, and by using a deodorant (bacteria "killer"), antiseptic wash / soap / powder (Hibiclens/Hibitane solution/powder, generic name, Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%, from local pharmacy), and cleansing the skin with alcohol swabs, several times a day to reduce the number of bacteria and the amount of secretions.

Some people suffer from a condition known as Bromhidrosis where the Apocrine glands connected to hair follicles produce larger quantities of skin secretions as described in the above answer to produce terrible odours. In these extreme cases the treatment is more specialised. Removal of skin hair helps as does the taking of antioxidants such as vitamin E, using antibiotic creams also works but is not recommended long-term (check Internet for Farnesol / Tea Tree Oil products, safer and organic). A permanent cure can be effected by using "electrolysis therapy", it is a lengthy process and is costly but for those suffering this comlaint it is a real God-send. Take heart this unpleasant condition, even when extreme can be treated successfully. Odour sufferers will find much useful advice at

Yes. Odaban is the most effective antiperspirant available worldwide. The formulation, quality control and unique metered-dose packaging are second to none. Odaban has been well recognised by dermatologists worldwide as the first commercial product of its type to be fully effective yet much less liable to cause irritation.

As the active ingredient is broken down by water, the unique hermetically sealed titanium pump spray protects the product from atmospheric water vapour and water on the skin (perspiration). Other aluminium chloride products using roll-ons and pad-dispensers etc are therefore liable to cause skin irritation.

As aluminium chloride is broken down by water it is important to apply it only to DRY skin. Odaban is therefore applied at bedtime when not actively perspiring. Applying Odaban during the day may cause skin irritation and stain clothing.

Most women find that using a little talc before and after applying Odaban not only helps to dry the skin but also absorbs any over-application of product.

Shaving before or immediately after application of Odaban is not recommended, however, if your careful and do not knick the skin (as this will cause stinging during application due to the alcohol) you can apply Odaban without waiting the usual 24 hours.

Yes, as long as you apply Odaban as directed, that is, remove your lenses, dry the skin and apply at bedtime, then wash the hands the following morning before inserting your lenses.

Yes, but you will have to take special care as the skin is thinner and therefore more sensitive in this area. Ensure your skin is really dry (talc or a hairdryer may help) then apply very sparingly via cotton pad as directed in the instruction leaflet.

No, apply Odaban correctly as per directions and you'll be fine to use any sun tan lotion or moisturising cream the following day.


Odaban is specially formulated with a protective silicone and the purest of ingredients to help prevent any skin irritation, a rash will almost certainly be due to an over application of product. Remember to apply just one spray per application.

It can take up to several weeks of nightly use before Odaban controls a really bad perspiration problem, after which you should be able to continue using the product just once or twice weekly.

Nothing's wrong, everyone is different and some people may find that after several months Odaban may be less effective than before. Just stop using Odaban for a week to "rest" the skin then continue as before, use nightly applications until perspiration control is again established. Using an occlusive dressing or a Drionic machine may also help restore this control (see other answers). Do remember to build up your protection slowly by applying your Odaban sparingly and don't worry if you find you need to apply Odaban more regularly than other users.

By keeping the skin dry Odaban will help prevent the painful blistering that often occurs with prosthesis. Used in conjunction with a "wicking" sock the skin is kept in perfect condition.

Regular low dose applications of Odaban will control the rate of perspiration from the hands and feet. Avoiding synthetic footwear made of "non-breathing" material will also help.

The drying effect of Odaban can be increased by wrapping the treated skin area in a plastic "dressing" (Cling Film in the U.K. or Saran Wrap in the U.S.), on thicker skin areas such as the palms or feet a greater amount of product can also be used to increase the poral "plugging" effect.

Odaban will not help facial blushing, as this is an involuntary blood vessel disorder. However, it will help control excessive facial perspiration from the forehead, nose and chin.

Some individuals may find that Glycopyrrolate wipes (trade name, Robinul), are more effective than Odaban for this condition. Remember, however, this product is a drug that works by being absorbed into the body through the skin, use very sparingly to avoid side-effects. There is no systemic absorbtion with Odaban.

Unfortunately "Athlete's Foot" can't be cured permanently, the problem is always liable to re-occur in hot weather. Odaban will however quickly eradicate all symptoms and prevent the re-occurrence of the condition if used regularly.

As a very efficient antiperspirant Odaban will keep feet dry during training and sporting activities thus helping prevent painful blistering.

Odaban will keep the lower back dry, however, a few individuals may find that their backside still "leaks". In this case it is best to continue using Odaban sparingly twice a week and also use a winged stick on sanitary towel, they are undetectable, will protect the under-clothes and help prevent the skin from chafing.

Odaban helps protect against verrucas and fungal infections found around saunas and swimming pools by coating the skin with an invisible "antiseptic glove."

There are a number of potent medicines such as Oxybutynin, Glycopyrrolate, Clonidine and Atenolol for examples that can be purchased or prescribed by a doctor which may offer some relief for perspiration sufferers. The side effects, however, can be severe and the drying effects often disappear after a month or so.

ETS stands for Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy a surgical procedure for the cutting or clamping (with titanium clips) of those nerves controlling the sweat-glands. The operation may offer only temporary or partial relief, is painful, expensive and can cause compensatory sweating elsewhere on the body. In 2003, ETS was banned in its birthplace, Sweden, due to overwhelming complaints by disabled patients. (Source:

Iontophoresis is a process (used daily or every few weeks depending on the severity of the condition) for controlling excessive perspiration. The skin area to be treated is held in water or against a moist pad (for thirty minutes) whilst a low voltage current is used to produce a coagulation of skin proteins. This action helps to control the rate of perspiration by partially blocking the sweat ducts although some individuals may find the the process rather painful. Iontophoresis is a useful supplement for those people with a really resistant "wetness" problem and can be used safely in conjunction with Odaban on a regular basis. Iontophoresis machines can be found on the Internet under Drionic or Idrostar. (

A bottle of Odaban will keep for three years, but as one pack often lasts 12 months it is best to purchase no more than two or three bottles at any one time for personal use.

For those people who feel their Hyperhydrosis is so bad they cannot cope, then surgery may be worth considering. Be very careful, search for a surgeon who uses the titanium clamping technique so that the operation may be reversible. It is extremely important to be aware that side effects are likely and that these can be worse than the original problem iteself. A web site which may help you understand your options more clearly is "".

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Odaban Antipersirant is an effective treatment for hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, bromhidrosis, gustatory hyperhidrosis, palmar hyperhidrosis, plantar hyperhidrosis, axillary hyperhidrosis, body odour and wetness and is also used to ease discomfort with prosthetic limbs. Odaban The Antiperspirant Guaranteed to work